I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

Packaging Design

This speculative project focuses the topic of Asian American/Asian identity, race and ethnicity, and visibility and representation in our current world. As a Taiwanese-American, I have personally wrestled with and conversed about the development of this identity. At the same time, I have also witnessed how the world relates to us, Asian Americans, and our parents, Asian immigrants.

While conceptualizing this project, I had been thinking about the simplification of something complex. Ultimately, stereotyping and discrimination comes down to the work of simplification, without the desire to further understand. The ethos of this project is to spotlight Asian and Asian American person(s) who are making or have made waves, to which the world might not be seeing. With the rise of Asian and Asian American representation—in films, music, politics, etc.—I wanted to further press into one way of combatting stereotypes and discrimination: by informing and educating. The card is neatly packaged to be handed and opened like an envelope, an act of cheeky gift-giving and receiving.